West Bali National Park

West_bali_national_parkWest Bali National Park (in Indonesian Taman Nasional Bali Barat) is located on the north western side of BaliIndonesia. The park covers around 190 square kilometres (73 sq mi), of which are 158 square kilometres (61 sq mi) land and the remainder is sea.[2] This is approximately 5% of Bali’s total land area. To the north, it includes a 1,000-metre (3,300 ft) long beach, reef and islets. A seaport at Gilimanuk is west of the park, and the village of Goris is to the east. The National Park can be reached by roads from Gilimanuk and Singaraja, or by using ferries from Ketapang, East Java.

There are several habitats in the national park, a savannamangroves, montane and mixed-monsoon forests, and coral islands.[3] The center of the park is dominated by remnants of four volcanic mountains from Pleistocene era, with Gunung Patas at 1,412 metres (4,633 ft) its highest elevation.

Some 160 species can be found inside the park, including the bantengbarn swallowblack-naped orioleblack racket-tailed treepiecrested serpent-eaglecrested treeswiftdollarbirdhawksbill turtleIndian muntjacJava sparrowJavan lutunglarge flying foxleopard catlesser adjutantlong-tailed shrikemilky storkPacific swallowred-rumped swallowrusa deersacred kingfishersavanna nightjarstork-billed kingfisherwater monitorwild boaryellow-vented bulbul and the critically endangered Bali myna.

In June 2011, West Bali National Park received for release 40 Bali mynas from Surabaya Zoo and 20 from Taman Safari Indonesia.[4]

There are several endangered flora species in this national park, such as: Pterospermum diversifoliumAntidesma buniusLagerstroemia speciosaSteleochocarpus buraholSantalum albumAleurites moluccanaSterculia foetidaSchleichera oleosaDipterocarpus hasseltiiGarcinia dulcisAlstonia scholarisManilkara kaukiDalbergia latifolia and Cassia fistula.


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